About HMM Legal

Hart, Mieras, & Morris, Inc. is a full-service Law Firm with offices throughout the Los Angeles area. Founded in 1962, we are a true multi-professional office, providing Legal, Financial, Accounting, Tax, Insurance and Real Estate services.

Over the year’s clients have found it most helpful to have several professional services available within the same office. Particularly families who have recently lost loved ones find it extremely helpful having all of these extended services to handle the transition of assets from one generation to the next under one roof.

Enhancing our clients experience we offer an incredible extended network of estate planning business services including: Money Management, Financial and Retirement Planning, Investments, Insurance, Tax, Accounting Services (1040, 1041 & 706), and Real Estate transactions (appraisals, home purchase, sales, reverse & conventional loans).

Law Offices of Hart, Mieras & Morris

The HMM Legal Difference

We provide professional, comprehensive legal services with investment advisors, money managers, a real estate broker, an insurance agent, and a tax/accounting specialist.

HMM Legal Professional Services

Founded in 1962, areas of practice include Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Business, Corporate, Real Estate and Personal Injury. Here is a sample of Asset Protection vehicles.

HMM Legal Webinars

A webinar to answer questions about a Living Trust, what it is, how it works, and who needs one. Sign up to attend a webinar via Zoom or watch one online.

The HMM Team

At Hart, Mieras, & Morris, we have the experience and expertise to give you the guidance you need.
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Gary W. Morris, Esq.20150523133058

Gary W. Morris, Esq.

Senior Partner
Areas of Law Practice: Estate Planning, Living Trust, Probate, Trust Administration, Business and Non-Profit Gary W. Morr...
Michael S. Morris, Esq.20150523133004

Michael S. Morris, Esq.

Areas of Law Practice: Estate Planning, Living Trust, Probate, Trust Administration, Business and Non-Profit Law Michael ...
Lisa J. Peterson, Esq.20190709222028

Lisa J. Peterson, Esq.

Lisa has a B.A. in chemistry and received the American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Chemist Award. She is an undergrad...
Kevin K. Chiu, Esq.20150523132921

Kevin K. Chiu, Esq.

Associate Attorney
Areas of Law Practice: Living Trusts, Probate, Trust Administration and Real Estate Law Kevin K Chiu, Esq. is an Alumnus ...
Tulane Peterson, Esq.20190510045818

Tulane Peterson, Esq.

Litigation Attorney
Tulane has a rich and diverse business and professional background. His education includes graduate programs at Fuller Theolo...
Eileen Martinez20190510045914

Eileen Martinez

Client Relations Manager
Eileen came to the firm as a file clerk temp in March 2016.  In  August 2017,  she was promoted to the Client Relations Manag...